Latest SEDOS Bulletin

2015 : Volume 47 Nos. 1/2

  • Editorial: January-February 2015 
    by MBOMA, Nzenzili Lucie - Download

  • Klaus Vellguth  A Reflective Book Review: A New Way of Being Church. The Beginning and the Spread of Small Christian Communities and Bible-Sharing in Africa and Asia
    by STEFFEN, Paul - Download

  • Los desafíos actuales: la voz provocadora de Dios 
    by Hurtado López, Juan Manuel - Download

  • Lumko Institute: Towards Building a Participatory Church 
    by STEFFEN, Paul - Download

  • Psycho-Spiritual Unfolding of the Identity of the Human Person 
    by AZAH, Francis Perry - Download

  • Un paradis ou les anges meurent de faim  Pour une responsabilité chrétienne face à la misère en République Démocratique du Congo aujourd’hui
    by Nyamuhaja Cimanuka, Abbé Théodore - Download

  • Resource Person for a Module on 
    "Biblical Pastoral Ministry"



    Reading the Holy Books of the Abrahamic: A Way of Promoting Interreligious Dialogue



    SEDOS (Rome - 2015)