James H. Kroeger, MM

John XXIII, loved as the "people's pope,"You called Vatican II, inspiring much hope.You sought peace among the nations on earth;

A renewed, transformed Church you brought to    birth.                                                                                  

Paul VI, missionary pope by your own choice,

To human hopes and dreams you gave a voice.

You asked all in the Church to evangelize,

And with God's peoples truly sympathize.

John Paul I, our pope of many smiles,

You walked with us for merely a few miles.

You chose two names to indicate your call,

To live the Council as brother to all.


John Paul II, from a distant land you came,

To shepherd God's true Church in Christ's own name.

Your travels brought you places far and wide;

You said Vatican II was your constant guide.


Benedict XVI, your wisdom we admire,

With God's love our hearts you set on fire.

You showed great humility to resign.

Your love for the Church was seen through this sign.




SEDOS (Rome - 2015)