SEDOS Residential Seminar 2014
20-24 May 2014
Centro "Ad Gentes" NEMI (ROMA):

Sent by the God of surprises, New ways of being Missionaries"

Carlos Rodríguez Linera, OP - Formation for Mission

Gabrielle Ferrari , SX - Thinking back on my years at SEDOS

Giselle Gomez, STJ - Living the Gospel at the Margins The Society of Saint Teresa of Jesus In Sucumbios, Ecuador

Marie Vaillé, FMM - Life in tents with the Nomads in Morocco

Mario and Anna Cappello, ICPE Mission - Formation For Mission In The 21st Century: Engaging The Youth

F. Siro Stocchetti, MCCJ - Contemplative And Prophetic Life In Today’s Mission

Maria Pilar Benavente Serrano, MSOLA - La Missione E Il Futuro Di Sedos –Alcune Riflessioni Sul Suo 50° Anniversario

Sr. Angela Gabriella - Living the Gospel with the Rom and the Sinti

SEDOS (Rome - 2015)