These are articles not included in the SEDOS Bulletin from 2012. For articles before 2012, click here.

  • Understanding the Concept of Worship in African Cultural Context 
    by IHUNNIA, Daniel O. - Download

  • “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds” (Jn 12:24)  An Hermeneutical Look at Dostoevskij in the Context of Contemporary Mission
    by MAKSIMOV Alexey - Download

  • From "ad gentes" to "Active Integral Evangelization": The Reception of Vatican II’s Mission Theology in Asia 
    by TAN, Jonathan - Download

  • Empowering the Young Generation for a Future Full of Hope 
    by Donovan, Sr Georgeanne M. - Download

  • Elements For Pastoral Care Of Migrants 
    by Gonçalves, Alfredo J - Download

  • Talking about God in the World- The Missionary Responsability of the Church today 
    by Kruse, Jens-Martin - Download

  • Political Islam 
    by KÖRNER, Felix - Download

  • The Youth of the Light 
    by Mpati, Noel - Download

  • “The God of Surprises: the Perpetual Novelty of Missio Dei” 
    by UKWUIJE, Bede - Download

  • From “Mission” to “New Evangelization”  The origins of a concept that challenges our Institutes
    by GORSKI, John F. - Download

  • Dismantle the Corporate Veil And the Misery Of the World’s Majority Poor Will Be Over  A Response to Investor Expectations on Human Rights: Performance for Mining Companies
    by JEBADU, Alex - Download

  • Youth and The Church at Crossroads 
    by KARUNA, Yesu - Download

  • At Your Word, Oh Lord!  The Bible's Journey Back to the Centre of Church-Life
    by MALIPURATHU, Thomas - Download

  • The Continuing Relevance of Etienne Gilson’s Christian Philosophy: A Review of Etienne Gilson’s, Three Quests in Philosophy 
    by WILLIAMS, Hugh - Download

  • Challenges Facing Christian Theology in India 
    by KUTTIANIMATTATHIL, Jose - Download

  • A Spirituality Beyond Economic Resources 
    by MADRUGA SALVADOR, José Manuel - Download

  • Dialogue as a Path for Mutual Understanding and Peace Between Christianity & Buddhism 
    by THA LING SUM, Lucas - Download

  • Theology and Unity in World Christianity 
    by TVEIT, Olav Fykse - Download

  • Witness of Life: Our Mission Today 
    by DEVARAJ, S. - Download

  • Towards a Church versus populum: Memory and Project  The Missionary Vision of Vatican II Revisited on the Fiftieth Anniversary of Its Opening
    by SUESS, Paulo - Download

  • Discerning the Signs Of Missionary Service Today:  Insights and reflections for young missionaries
    by TURYAMUREEBA, Roberto - Download

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